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10 years celebration


"Zagamilaw" International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.


Why choose Zagamilaw

Our team is composed by young, competent and motivated people that would be able to give you suggestions about every aspect of your matter. When we are engaged by a client for a legal case, the same client and the same case become to us absolutely important, in fact every professional of Zagamilaw will constantly assist you with the aid and supervision of the Firm's founder Lawyer Paolo Zagami

Reggio Calabria


"Zagamilaw" International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.

New York


“Zagamilaw is a fast growing and international business oriented law firm which offers assistance on all legal aspects of Italian residential and commercial real estate transaction and has been appointed between the Top 5 Italian Law firm for the Real Estate sector." - Corporate International Magazine

Toronto City

International Tax Planning

The International Law Firm "Zagamilaw" is able to assist and advise companies and businesses wishing to implement an efficient international tax planning through proper allocation in different countries of their income derived from investment and management functions of the group, taking into account the different tax regimes and different tax rates adopted by each member, according to a general principle of legal supremacy of internal rules than those of other countries, subject to the existence of international agreements that address conflicts of imputation or double taxation.



The Zagamilaw International Law Firm will assist a group of Anglo-Maltese investors of the St Pancras Hotel Group – in collaboration with the Embassy of Malta and the team guided by the architect Colin Zammit – in the acquisition of a property in Rome for the value of 5,800,000 euro in the Colosseum area for its next hotel destination.

The St Pancras Hotel Group has in its portfolio already several structures located in Europe and mainly in London and now has an interest in stabilizing itself on the Italian territory.


The non-profit commercial organization “American Chamber of Commerce” based in Milan in collaboration with the political-cultural association established by public deed “ReggioViva” organizes in Reggio Calabria on June 15, 2018 at 16:30 a public meeting entitled “The Calabria and the United States between Justice, Enterprise and Innovation” at Palazzo Alvaro.

The meeting will be presented and moderated by the Attorney Paolo Zagami, head of the American Chamber of Commerce for the Calabria region as well as President of the ReggioViva Association and diplomats and jurists and entrepreneurs will discuss issues related to US investments and possible synergies between Calabria and the US world.
In particular, there will be present to witness the friendship of the United States towards Reggio and Calabria Dr. Cristina Posa Attaché Department of Justice of the Embassy of the United States of America, the Italian directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in the persons of the Dott. Simone Crolla and Davide Cefis, the business men Jose Salgado and Marcel Kaminstein together with Dottor Gaetano Paci Assistant Prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, Dr. Simona Petrozzi President of the Tertiary Women Group of Confcommercio and Doctor Giuseppe Muritano General Manager of the “Honeywell” multinational, the leading US company in the territory.


The Supreme Court with the important ordinance number 7150/2018 filed in the chancellery on March 22, 2018 gave reason to the International Law Firm Zagami – which acted in collaboration with the Law Firm Rombolà – to protect the reasons of the well-known US company “Fagor America Inc” based in the State of New York in the dispute against the Italian company “Indel Concept Technology SPA”. […]


The merger by incorporation of the two Italian companies “Eurogroup Srl” and “Average Srl” into two Limited Liability Companies under English law, pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree number 108/2008, was completed in the last days. […]


The Zagamilaw International Law Firm and its main partner, Avvocato Paolo Zagami as regional manager of the Association “Il Trust in Italia” is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with the UNIFORMA Interuniversity Consortium, two annual grants have been established of research each of which includes the annual registration to the Master on the right of trusts and € 6,000.00 euro gross.

For more information and details please see the website of the Association “Il Trust in Italia”.


Zagamilaw Interational law was formally charged for safeguarding the rights and the interest of some of its private clients against the music group’s “Radiohead” for the use of a concept designed and tested by its clients. […]


The 42nd edition of the National Italian American Foundation in Washington took place between 3 and 5 November. The occasion was also useful to develop proposals and business relationships concerning Calabria and the second and third generation of Calabrians NIAF associated generations. […]


Next Saturday, October 7 in Rome at Ferrajoli palace and at the same time in London, Berlin, Madrid, Miami, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Istanbul, Sidney and in many other capitals of the world will be celebrated the 10 years of community “Internations” […]


The next edition of the “GGD Tuesday Talk” will be held on 12 September at the headquarters of the International Law Firm Zagamilaw in Via Crescenzio with the participation of Dr. Cristina Posa (Attaché of the Department of Justice of the US Embassy in Rome) […]


The International Law Firm Zagamilaw will safeguard the reasons for the company “Meccanica Industriale Srl” in the dispute against the Tunisian company “Same Comptoir Mediterrannen Des Industr” […]