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"Zagamilaw" International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.


Why choose Zagamilaw

Our team is composed by young, competent and motivated people that would be able to give you suggestions about every aspect of your matter. When we are engaged by a client for a legal case, the same client and the same case become to us absolutely important, in fact every professional of Zagamilaw will constantly assist you with the aid and supervision of the Firm's founder Lawyer Paolo Zagami

Reggio Calabria


"Zagamilaw" International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.

New York


“Zagamilaw is a fast growing and international business oriented law firm which offers assistance on all legal aspects of Italian residential and commercial real estate transaction and has been appointed between the Top 5 Italian Law firm for the Real Estate sector." - Corporate International Magazine

Toronto City

International Tax Planning

The International Law Firm "Zagamilaw" is able to assist and advise companies and businesses wishing to implement an efficient international tax planning through proper allocation in different countries of their income derived from investment and management functions of the group, taking into account the different tax regimes and different tax rates adopted by each member, according to a general principle of legal supremacy of internal rules than those of other countries, subject to the existence of international agreements that address conflicts of imputation or double taxation.


Paolo Zagami

Partner & Founder


Mr. Paolo Zagami in 2001 graduated with 110/110 “cum laude” from the Law School of the University of Rome “LUISS Guido Carli”, a top ranking Italian university, with the final dissertation “The Joint Ventures System: legal issues in Italy and in the European Union” and participated in the final of the prestigious “Prize for the best Italian law student” selected from the law firm “Freshfields Bruckaus Deringer” and the newspapers “Guida al Diritto – Il Sole 24 Ore”

While at Law School he was a visiting student at the “Katholieke Universiteit” of Leuven in Belgium for a year on a scholarship granted by the University of Rome attending European and International Law courses and wrote many articles for the southern Italian newspapers “La Gazzetta del Sud” and “RadioCorriere TV”. He completed his legal competences receiving his LLM degree at the “School of Specialization for the Legal Professions” from the “LUISS Guido Carli” with 70/70 and working as research fellow at “Granada University” in Spain.

He also participated in several training courses including one in theme of “Contract Law and Civil Procedure in England and Wales”, organized by the “City University of London”, and mainly he was admitted into the Real Estate LLM Program at “New York Law School” specializing in “Advanced Real Estate Transactions and Finance”, “Drafting and Negotiation” and “International Real Estate”.

In 2004, Mr. Zagami was admitted as Lawyer and Attorney in Italy and from that time practiced law in Rome and Reggio Calabria working in collaboration for important Law Firms specializing in contracts, governance and inheritance. Later he also collaborated with the prestigious New Yorker International Law Firms “Gleason & Koatz” and “Finklstein Newman Ferrara” and with the International Law Firm “Hackett-Simpson-Tripodi” based in Toronto. He also worked for and with the corporate group “InTrust” in London and in particular with its legal department “Notable Services LLP.”

In 2007 he has established the “Zagamilaw International Law Firm” as founder and main partner. He also founded “REAL: Real Estate Attorneys at Law”,  an association that gathers professionals all over the world and has as its main purpose the cooperation in international real estate transaction. He aòsp is Co-founder and Scientific Director of the “CESDI – Research Center for International Private Law”.

He is registered at the Italian Ministery of Justice as official Mediator for the Alternative Dispute Resolutions concerning civil and commercial matters Expert on the International Matters for the Company “Immediata ADR” on the London office and for the Company “Angec” on the Rome office. He reported as main speaker in many conferences in which the theme was National and International Mediation and in others for professional orientation for the “European Law Student Association”. He is practical and theoretical teacher for students of Mediation for the “Angec” and is Director for the Master in International Mediation and Arbitration organized in collaboration with the Law Firm “Notable Services” based in London.
He is also a member of the registrated association “Il trust in Italia”.

Attorney Zagami takes care especially of International Private Law and so of all the legal issue regarding relationships between individuals and companies parts of different legal systems. Along his professional activity, Mr. Zagami for example completed for many American and European buyers a large number of international real estate transactions related to off plan properties located in South and Central Italy, helped United States and British citizens in the process concerning the setting up of some companies in the Italian territory, assisted some not Italians citizens in the protection of their inheritance rights for assets located in Italy, represented many Italian and foreign companies and associations in the import-export activities beyond national borders, accompanied several Italian companies in their internationalization and recovered loans in Italy on behalf of foreign companies and loans abroad on behalf of Italian companies. In particular he is specialized for drafting Italian and International real estate contracts and for out of court settlements of litigations. Further having been recommended by the US Embassy in Italy and by the Italian Consulate in New York, he is particularly experienced with the international issues concerning the relationship between the International Private Law and the U.S. Law.

With this regard, he was the youngest Italian Attorney recommended by the Consular District of Rome of the US Embassy in Italy from the triennium 2010-2013 and he was confirmed in the role and as trustee of the Embassy for the triennium 2013-2016. From July 2013 is also accredited by the Italian Consulate of New York and at the present time he is the only one Italian professional recommended both by the US Embassy in Italy and by the Italian Consulate in the United States. Previously he was appointed as Coordinator of the “Association for the Friendship Agreement between the State of New York and the Regional Council of Calabria” and he collaborated with the Real Estate Center of the NYLS. He is also member of the “National Italian American Foundation”, member of the “American Academy of Rome”, associated to “CIIM – Confederation of the Italian Entrepreneurs in the World”, to the association “C3 International – Calabresi in the world” and to the “Associazione Culturale Italo-Americana” of New York City; further, he is advisor for the “Foundation Calabresi in the world” from which he was selected – for prizes in the field of the Private International Law and as Calabrian Attorney accredited by the US Embassy in Italy – for taking part to the 37° Anniversary of the NIAF in Washington.

He is also accredited by the British Embassy in the Consular District of Rome and he is member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of London and of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto as business member and of the Association “European Lawyers” based in England. Mr Zagami is entrepreneur in the touristic-residential field and in the one of the import-export, member of the network “Luiss Alumni” and of the Executive Council of the AMI of Reggio Calabria, with responsibility for dealing with issues of international family law. He took part to several television and radio programmes as legal counsellor, to many workshops organized by the US Embassy in Italy and to several business-meeting and bilateral forums organised by the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and from Confindustria sections.

Among the publications of Attorney Zagami there are some written for the Journal “Trust e Attività Fiduciarie”, for the American journal “Mortgage and Real Estate Executive Report” about why and how purchase a property in Europe, for the English newspapers “Calabrian Voice” and “A place in the Sun” about inheritance and real estate issues and was author for the magazine “Calabria Economia” of Confindustria Calabria of several article concerning the commercial development of small and medium companies. He also recently gave his contribution for the insert “Route to Italy” issued by the prestigious “Corporate International Magazine”. Further it is forthcoming his book on the internationalization of companies in the Civil and Common Law systems.

Attorney Paolo Zagami is Founder and member of the Board of the Association “Italia Futura” and he was previously member of the Directive Board and responsible of “Italia Futura Reggio Calabria. In 2013 he was candidate for the Chamber of the Italian Parliament with “Scelta Civica – Con Monti per l’Italia” in the district of Calabria for which he was appointed regional operative coordinator and he was subsequently appointed Regional Operative Director of the new Association “Italia Futura Calabria 2.0”.

He is a member of the Italian Bar almost from 10 years; from 2013 he is registered as English Solicitor with the number 5980033 at the British“Law Society”; he is also entitled to exercise over all the Europe as European Lawyer registered at the “Solicitor Regulation Authority”; finally he is in process to be admitted to practice in the State of New York as Foreign Legal Consultant. His native language is Italian, he is perfectly fluent in English and Spanish while is in process to speak the Russian.


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