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"Zagamilaw" International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.


Why choose Zagamilaw

Our team is composed by young, competent and motivated people that would be able to give you suggestions about every aspect of your matter. When we are engaged by a client for a legal case, the same client and the same case become to us absolutely important, in fact every professional of Zagamilaw will constantly assist you with the aid and supervision of the Firm's founder Lawyer Paolo Zagami

Reggio Calabria


"Zagamilaw" International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.

New York


“Zagamilaw is a fast growing and international business oriented law firm which offers assistance on all legal aspects of Italian residential and commercial real estate transaction and has been appointed between the Top 5 Italian Law firm for the Real Estate sector." - Corporate International Magazine

Toronto City

International Tax Planning

The International Law Firm "Zagamilaw" is able to assist and advise companies and businesses wishing to implement an efficient international tax planning through proper allocation in different countries of their income derived from investment and management functions of the group, taking into account the different tax regimes and different tax rates adopted by each member, according to a general principle of legal supremacy of internal rules than those of other countries, subject to the existence of international agreements that address conflicts of imputation or double taxation.



The following highlighted list is only an example of our services so that it has not to be considered as limited to activities that are performed by the Law Firm. Given above, it is set out below some of the services which are offered by the “International Law Firm Zagamilaw” divided on the basis of the different practice areas of our professionals.

Real Estate

• Due Diligence service
• Drafting of power of attorney
• Drafting of escrow agreements and preliminary contracts
• Assistance in purchasing and selling properties abroad, especially in Common Law Countries
• Assistance in loan/financing practices both to foreign privates and companies in Italy and to Italian privates and companies abroad
• Settlement of Trust

Corporate and Commercial

• Drafting of import-export agreements and international commerce agreements such as agency, sending, distribution, franchising contracts
• Contribution in kind in foreign companies
• Setting up of off-shore companies abroad
• Assistance in opening operative branches in foreign Countries
• Joint Venture agreements
• Lease back agreements between foreign parties

Inheritance and Wills

• Consultancy on International Inheritance Law matters in accordance with Italian Law n. 218/1995
• Inheritance fiscal declarations for foreign clients in Italy
• International Wills in accordance with Italian Law n. 387/1990
• Inheritance and taxation planning
• Renovation of domestic heritages and inheritance trusts
• Inheritance divisions between parties from different system countries

Family Law

• Assistance for divorce issues abroad
• Consultancy on property regime between foreigner spouses
• Custody of children abroad
• Assistance to recognize in Italy marriages not contracted in the Italian territory
• Assistance in files related to the recognition of moral damages post separation
• International adoptions

Industrial Law

• Registration and transfer of National and International trademarks and patents
• Technology licenses and marks
• Franchising agreements
• Antidumping and custom duties, custom classification and customs entries
• Exporting and custom supervisions and documentation requirements
• Unfair competition and antitrust regulation in Italy, Europe and United States

Administrative Law

• Planning and assistance in project financing operations
• Assistance to enterprises in every single step of offers elaboration and in participation in public competitive submissions, in constitution of Joint Ventures and in setting up of consortiums of purpose.
• Consultancy to Public Contracting Authorities in submission
• Consultancy on territorial, urbanism and environmental planning
• Administrative litigation
• Obtaining of licenses permission in Italy and abroad

Cooperatives and Condominium

• General consultancy for cooperatives
• Drafting of condominium’s by-laws in two or more languages
• Drafting of rental contracts between foreign parties
• Assistance in setting up bed and breakfast and similar activities
• Drafting of rental agreements
• Financial planning related to rental of commercial properties

Sports Law

• Negotiating and drafting of agreements and contracts regarding the sports world
• Assistance in Intellectual Property Rights related to sports meetings and athletes
• Agreements with International Sports Federations, with Municipal Administrations and others Local Authorities to promote sports meetings
• Constitution of Sports Clubs and Associations
• Drafting of contracts between Italian sports clubs and foreign athletes and between foreign clubs and Italian athletes
• Managing of Italian and foreign athletes sports achievements


• Consultancy and assistance in opening bank accounts abroad
• Set-up of bank account abroad
• Taxation of business earnings in the USA and outside Italy
• Assistance for Italian tax benefits for first time buyers of a home
• International Fiscal Planning
• Assistance in fiscal planning of mergers and acquisition, joint venture and company renovation operations


• National and International credit recovery
• Recognition of foreign judgment in accordance with Article 64 of the Italian Law n. 218/1995
• Assistance in compensation lawsuit in behalf of foreign clients
• National and International litigation of general civil law lawsuits
• National and International litigation of commercial and corporate lawsuits, in particular with regard to acquisition’s operation and commercial contracts
• Judgment Assistance in many countries, especially in Common Law Countries

Alternative Dispute Resolution

• Mediation between parties belonging to different systems Countries
• Extra-judicial controversies resolution
• International Commercial arbitration
• International arbitration in investment
• Consumers relationships and class action
• Consultancy on execution of agreement contained in the verbal from mediation

Banking Law

• Structuring, organization and maintenance of international holding companies in tax-favored jurisdictions
• Structuring banking, factorings, covered bonds
• Assistance in marine and aeronautical financings
• Consultancy on Local Authorities financing
• Assistance in financing bounded to the purchase of commercial properties in Italy and abroad
• Private banking, trust and fiduciary activities

Immigration Law

• Support in achieving Visa and Green Card
• Assistance in obtaining citizenship
• EC president permit for long period
• Administrative appeal regarding Visa missing obtaining
• Appeal against the expulsion order
• Civil action against discriminatory acts

Environmental Law

• Assistance and consultancy in interpreting and performing environmental laws
• Assistance and consultancy to factories under risk of relevant environmental damage
• Environmental Audit
• Environmental due diligence service
• Assistance and consultancy on EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registration and certification ISO 14000
• Consultancies in regard to regulation on wastes and dumping

Entertainment/Media Law

• Film and television production, co-production, distribution, sale and license agreements
• Foreign authors/actors in Italy and Italians abroad agreements
• Fashion industry agreements, in particular in the United States
• Recording and music publishing agreements
• Publishing agreements for print, multimedia and on-line exploitation
• Procedures for the entry in and notification to the Italian Media Operators Registry

Energy Law

• Consultancy and legal assistance to National and foreign enterprises wishing to enter the Italian energy market
• Consultancy and assistance in negotiations and contract-making in relation to the acquisition or sale of companies operating in the field of energy
• Assistance in competition and regulatory issues in accordance with the Italian regulatory body AEEG
• Consultancy and trial activity in oil-industry field
• Drafting of contracts for gas and Energy supply
• Energy infrastructural projects

Criminal Law

• International Criminal Law
• International representation
• Crimes against the person
• Crimes against property
• Corporate Crimes