The entire world has recently discovered the absolute importance of other values, the first is the one of the Health.

The social function of the doctors is surely the most important compared to the profession carried out by the lawyers because they manage other people’s money while doctors manage other people’s lives! But after the Health, another necessary value to obtain peacefulness is the Money.

Always keeping in mind the above, an International Law Firm and a Company Network Service deal with the business (and therefore the money) of its clients. In particular, the lawyer of International affairs must be considered a professional figure quite distinct from that of the “traditional” lawyer. It is in fact that professional whose job has nothing to do with the chancelleries and the judicial offices, does not concern the dispute and therefore does not typically include the writing of judicial documents or the application of the procedure (civil or criminal) which is instead the daily bread of the more “traditional” lawyer.

Rather, the “International business lawyer” mainly performs an out-of-court activity of “advisor” and has the primary objective of obtaining significant economic and/or commercial advantages for its clients taking into account the legal aspects of the transaction. To achieve this objective, therefore, he must have both an economic and legal vision and analytical capacity, must have a strongly “problem solving” approach, be equipped with specific technical and legal knowledge in the field of corporate and commercial law and be able to to handle foreign instruments and more advanced markets so as to be able to help clients to conclude good deals.

Thanks to this, its role is essential for the conclusion of excellent business and for the maximization of the profits of its clients both in the “civil law” legal systems like the Italian one and in the “common law” legal systems such as the anglo-saxon ones. With reference to the “civil law” systems where the Notary is an impartial third party as well as the public official authorized to certify the public faith of a contract, the figure of the Business Lawyer is even more essential for the protection of the parties and for the management of their legal and economic interests in each individual transaction.