Corporate & Commercial

"Zagamilaw" provides legal advice on all matters relating to the italian and foreign corporate law, focusing in particular on the drafting of safe international commercial contracts.

The Firm offers, in particular, a global assistance in the creation of a company in Italy or in the participation in an Italian company helping its clients to choose the corporate form which, from an organizational point of view, is more suitable for achieving their social purpose. “Zagamilaw” provides its clients with detailed information on the different types of companies, with specific reference to social responsibilities, the type of administration, representation, control and division of duties within the company.

Having in mind the expression “more lawyer less tribunal thn “Zagamilaw” also routinely offers its clients legal advice for the drafting of contracts in the import-export sector. More precisely, the Firm assists numerous small and medium-sized Italian companies that export their commercial products abroad through their formal representation in the distribution nation and through the relative formulation of exclusive commercial contracts.

In addition, “Zagamilaw” is practical in assisting foreign companies that have a “Stable Representation” or a simple “Local Unit” in Italy. As part of this further activity, the Firm normally follows the cases of foreign companies assisted by it which, purely by way of example, intend to confer legal effect in Italy on foreign deeds of sale of shares in Srl, of sale of shares of SpA or replacement and new appointment of directors.

  • Drafting of import-export agreements and international commerce agreements such as agency, sending, distribution, franchising contracts
  • Contribution in kind in foreign companies
  • Setting up of off-shore companies abroad
  • Assistance in opening operative branches in foreign Countries
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Lease back agreements between foreign parties