“Zagamilaw” assists its clients in a wide range of issues surrounding ownership of a condominium or cooperative.


cooperative e condominio
  • General consultancy for cooperatives
  • Drafting of condominium’s by-laws in two or more languages
  • Drafting of rental contracts between foreign parties
  • Assistance in setting up bed and breakfast and similar activities
  • Drafting of rental agreements
  • Financial planning related to rental of commercial properties

The Firm ensures the examination and preparation of all legal, budget and financial planning documents relating to condominium issues and also acts for the resolution of related disputes.

“Zagamilaw” also provides legal services to private individuals for the purchase or sale of real estate units belonging to cooperatives or condominium structures and, moreover, assists important foreign construction companies in the management of large residential tourist complexes coordination between the various owners from different foreign countries is necessary.

In this context, “Zagamilaw” also provides assistance in the drafting of timeshare contracts aimed at regulating the rights of each co-owner on the property subject to enjoyment and provides legal advice in favor of customers who wish to carry out “home holidays”.

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