“Zagamilaw” offers assistance and consultation services in regard to the Environmental Law, in particular looking at the elaborations of solutions connected with renewable energy, with the assistance of professional experts in the sector of alternative energies.


Diritto Ambientale
  • Assistance and consultancy in interpreting and performing environmental laws
  • Assistance and consultancy to factories under risk of relevant environmental damage
  • Environmental Audit
  • Environmental due diligence service
  • Assistance and consultancy on EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registration and certification ISO 14000
  • Consultancies in regard to regulation on wastes and dumping

In particular, following the growth of this sector, ZGML offers assistance to all foreigner companies in the drafting of the contracts for the development (EPC Agreements) and the maintenance ( O&M Agreeements) of plants of energy production with photovoltaic modules and/or systems of cogeneration modules. In this area the activity of consulting and assistance of the Firm develops in order to grant the incentives for the installation of photovoltaic plants according to the D.M. 19 February 2007, “Conto Energia” and in view of the delivery of fiscal benefits to companies and privates for the installation of photovoltaic plants.

Under current legislation, in fact, the energy produced and transferred to the network from this plants is then remunerated for twenty years from the date of the beginning of their activity, according to rates that make the investment of solar energy a high profit activity both from an economic and environment point of view. For this reason, the Firm provides to its clients- who arein this sector usually, foreigner investors- services of consultation and legal assistance for the experiment of procedures required from the law and during the whole process.

The client will be followed step by step by the professional of “Zagamilaw”, who will guide him through the drafting of the introductive act of the procedure until the moment of the facility requested.

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