“Zagamilaw” advises on business issues and compliance with the recent reform of Italian Corporate Law.


diritto societario
  • Drafting of import-export agreements and international commerce agreements such as agency, sending, distribution, franchising contracts
  • Contribution in kind in foreign companies
  • Setting up of off-shore companies abroad
  • Assistance in opening operative branches in foreign Countries
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Lease back agreements between foreign parties

Given the complexity of the matter, the Firm provides comprehensive service in setting up, maintaining a relationship with or joining an Italian company. ZGML takes a professional approach in advising the client on the best option. We will assist you in choosing the form of company that, from the organizational standpoint, is best suited to achieve your entity’s purpose.
More importantly, we give our clients detailed information on the different types of companies with particular mention of asset and capital responsibilities and requirements. ZGML helps drawing up the company’s by-laws and Articles taking into account the type of administration, representation, control, division of duties, power and responsibility of the company’s board.

During the incorporation process, “Zagamilaw” can also assist you before the notary public and, if you cannot be present at the moment of the incorporation, we can act on your behalf if you so choose. After incorporation, we will furnish you with all the documentation concerning your new company required at the competent offices, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Revenue Office.
Regarding limited liabilities companies, “Zagamilaw” is experienced with the recent law decree n° 6 of 17 January 2003 which thoroughly reformed such. We will not only provide assistance on capital transactions, fusions, company splits, transfer of stocks and shares and company transfers but also in the early phases of setting up the company. We also offer the exam of any deliberations Collegiate Bodies, an accuracy data collection and the identification of any tax treatment. We can also provide assistance and advice concerning board members meetings and general meetings and incorporation of branches, representative offices, shareholders agreements and alternative contract instruments (to avoid the five-year time limit to shareholders agreements set by Section 2341-bis of the Italian civil code).

Furthermore, “Zagamilaw” is also practical in assisting foreigner companies in the Italian territory which have a “stable representation” or simply “local units “. In this regard the Firm usually assists its companies which intend, for example, to give legal effect in Italy to foreigners contracts of shares transfer or replacement and appointment of new directors.
Moreover “Zagamilaw” can assist you in all the issues related to the Italian Commercial Law by offering business-oriented and tailor-made services to help you meet your commercial objectives. We represent our clients on all general commercial matters. We offer drafting and negotiation assistance on a wide range of commercial agreements including: joint venture agreements, franchising agreements and transaction agreements.

Commercial agreements are an important aspect of any business operation. To ensure your business success and competitive advantages in today’s complex and heavily regulated business environment, “Zagamilaw” advises in the preparation and drafting of the agreements and insures that the agreements not only accurately document the bargains struck but also comply with any sector, regulatory and legal requirements.
More exactly ZGML routinely offers its clients legal advice and drafting of contracts under the import-export area. In this regard the Firm assists a number of foreigners companies in their commercial export from Italy and import to Italy through their formal representation in the territory of distribution and through its exclusive formulation of trade agreements.

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