Friday September 16th, 2011

The lawyer Zagami will report on the Italian television channel “Canale 5” in order to an international private legal case concerning the soccer player Samuel Eto’o

The lawyer Zagami will report on the show “Domenica Cinque” on 25th September 2011 by the Italian television channel “Canale 5″ on an international private legal […]
Wednesday September 14th, 2011

Notable Services and Zagamilaw open in London the detached seat of Immediata-ADR

Thanks to the collaboration between the British Law Firm “Notable Services”, represented by his main partner Lawyer Francesco Meduri and the Italian Law Firm “Zagamilaw”, represented […]
Tuesday July 26th, 2011

International Law Firm “Zagamilaw” becomes member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of London

With the wish to further increase its legal action in the United Kingdom, “Zagamilaw International Law Firm” is pleased to announce that it has joined Italian […]
Thursday July 14th, 2011

Zagamilaw as a guest at Mexican Embassy of Rome

Lawyer Paolo Zagami, Lawyer Carlo Rombolà and Lawyer Isabel Altuve were been welcome guest of the Mexican Embassy in Italy, with its head office in Rome […]
Tuesday June 28th, 2011

The Lawyer Paolo Zagami will report to the Seminar “ADR and Litigation: International Experiences”

The lawyer Paolo Zagami will report to the Seminar “ADR and Litigation: International Experiences” that will take place on the 14th of July at 3pm at […]
Friday June 3rd, 2011

Attorneys Zagami and Tripodi at the ICCO in Toronto

Attorneys Paolo Zagami and Stefano Tripodi meet in Toronto with the representatives of the Trade Department of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario to discuss […]
Saturday May 28th, 2011

Enforcement of ZGML in New York and Toronto

The Law Firm “Zagamilaw” through its main partner Lawyer Paolo Zagami during last weeks increases significantly its presence in the State of New York and in […]
Tuesday May 17th, 2011

ZGML and Barclays Italia

The Firm ZGML reaches an agreement with “Barclays Italia” in order to offer its numerous British clients special rates and conditions obtaining loans and mortgages finalised […]
Sunday May 15th, 2011

The Lawyer Rombolà writes on the new Tourism Code

The Lawyer Carlo Rombolà, Senior Associate of “Zagamilaw”, writes on the reform concerning the new Tourism Code from the perspective of the monitor of a legal […]
Friday May 6th, 2011

“Zagamilaw” in London assists its English clients to draft their italian wills

In order to satisfy all the requests, ZGML provides legal assistance and extrajuridical consultation in the drafting of about ten handwritten wills by english citizens clients […]
Thursday April 28th, 2011

Lawyer Isabel Altuve will take care of the spanish speaking language clients

With the intention of expanding its wills of range in the countries of spanish language and reinforcing its departments of commercial law and banking law, ZGML […]
Monday April 25th, 2011

“Zagamilaw” is in process of setting up a Consortium

ZGML in collaboration with other legal firms is in process of setting up a Consortium in which the Calabrian business companies will be aggregated in order […]
Saturday April 2nd, 2011

Ms Emily May Giordani joins “Zagamilaw”

“Zagamilaw” is happy to announce the collaboration with Ms Emily May Giordani, English citizen, who will be the new assistant in the main office located in […]
Friday March 18th, 2011

ZGML offers an internship to ELSA students

ZGML offers a three month internship for 300 euro per month open to students from all over Europe belonging to ELSA (European Law Student Association), proving […]
Wednesday March 2nd, 2011

Attorney Zagami announces the relocation of ZGML in Rome

Attorney Paolo Zagami is very pleased to announce from 1 April the relocation of ZGML headquarters to its new office at the prestigious Via Cola di […]
Monday February 28th, 2011

ZGML deals with the export into UK, USA and Canada

ZGML has entered into a deal with the “At Group S.r.l.” to fulfill its intention of expanding its legal services for the drafting of commercial agreements […]
Monday February 14th, 2011

“Zagamilaw” is invited to “Calabria Expo” in Leeds

“Zagamilaw” will be the main speaker at ”Calabria Expo”, event that will be held in Leeds at Jurys Hotel on March 5 and 6. At the […]
Monday January 24th, 2011

“Zagamilaw” named Real Estate Law Firm of the Year in Italy

“Zagamilaw” is very pleased to announce the prestigious “Corporate International Magazine” has officially named ZGML as the winner of the Corporate International Magazine 2010 Legal Award […]

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