The international company in the so-called “tax havens”

L’Impresa Internazionale nei cosiddetti “Paradisi Fiscali”

In the current historical moment of economic and financial crisis that indiscriminately affects the whole planet, the so-called “tax havens” are today States and territories which for many Italian companies and individual entrepreneurs are as difficult to reach geographically and conceptually as they are very desired and dreamed of.

In fact, the topic does not only concern large multinationals that use more or less lawful stratagems to locate their profits in these countries and reduce their taxes but also inevitably concerns all operators interested in expanding their economic activity beyond national borders. In this regard, the theory that privileged tax states and territories are places to be condemned has become almost consolidated in scientific literature, so much so that in the collective imagination they are commonly associated with the negative concepts of fraud and illegal activities; after all, the same expression “tax havens” is used to describe these places in a derogatory way and covers up an equivocality of meaning ascribable above all to the roots. However, on the other hand there is also a minority of economic and legal authors who highlighted the positives of the so-called “Tax havens”.

In fact, many of these countries often also offer legitimate investment opportunities in sectors to the most unknown and have been expressly recognized as legitimate in the perimeter of international tax law. The truth is probably in the middle: the so-called “Tax havens” are not wonderfully virtuous entities but neither are those places where everything is bad and bad. The reasons for both the “accusers” and the “defenders” of the so-called “Tax havens”, it being understood that their use for exclusive recycling purposes is condemned a priori. And with the clarification that in the new millennium the so-called “Tax havens” have arisen as a mainly political problem since the issues of the “offshore” world concern the economy but even before that the policies of governments and states, which, on the one hand, condemn the system but, on the other hand , compete with each other by offering safe havens with low or no taxation on capitals of various origins.

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