The International Company between Common Law Countries and MIST

L’Impresa Internazionale tra Paesi di Common Law e MIST

The manual is an operational tool intended for technicians, lawyers and commercial operators who wish to look beyond national borders as a landing or development point for their business and professional activities.

It is the first guideline for the user of internationalization services and has the additional objective of bringing together and summarizing some of the most important Italian and foreign contributions on internationalization published in print and on the web. In general, the first part frames the issue of internationalization and is dedicated to better defining “why” a company should carry out a process of foreign expansion; the second part outlines in a practical and concrete way “how” a company should operate abroad; finally, in the third part the aim is to highlight “where” a company could carry out its internationalization plan.

The book highlights, in particular, how the internationalization activity of each individual company must necessarily be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the technical situations, the legal and economic conditions of the country in which it intends to invest and above all the specific contractual agreements, in the belief that the commercial operator, in order to avoid disputes, must always take into consideration not only the operational aspects but also and above all the legal ones. In fact, in the background, the substantial differences that are encountered depending on whether one operates in “Civil law” or “Common law” regulations have always been kept in mind; moreover, particular attention was paid to the so-called “Emerging Countries” and to the new markets which represent indispensable opportunities for Italian small and medium enterprises.

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