The Fees

In Italy the lawyers professional tariffs are no binding and mandatory as the professional is allowed to freely establish – in agreement with his client – fees other than the ministerial ones.

Therefore, the fees of the Zagami International Law Firm are calculated by previous agreements with the clients having reference to:

  1. “classic” flat rates and therefore to the Official Lawyers Tariffs and professional fees for extrajudicial activities based on the ministerial parameters ruled by the Decree number 55/2014 containing “Determination of the parameters for the payment of fees for the legal profession pursuant to art. 13 paragraph 6 of the law 31 December 2012 n. 247” as updated to the Decree number 37 of 8 March 2018. By way of example for a legal case of 1.000.000 euro the fees are set by Decree number 55/2014 between 3.816 euros and 13.736 euro net of expenses. and taxes and depending on the complexity of the case.
  2. “anglo-saxon” hourly mode and therefore the fees due for each individual hour or part of an hour in which the assistance, consultancy and representation activities of the lawyers are carried out such as interviews with the client in the office and/or outside the office, telephone sessions, discussion of the dispute, participation in hearings, oral discussions, congresses in and out of the office, examination and study of the documents, drafting of legal documents or opinions and any other document which is necessary or required to be drafted by the professionals. As an indication the hourly rate applied by the Zagamilaw International Law Firm varies from 100 euros if the service is provided by a simple collaborator up to 300 euros if it is provided by the main partner.

At the time of assigning the task of assistance, representation and defense in judicial and extra-judicial disputes and of the request for advice and/or drafting of opinions having any object and value, the client may choose to calculate the fees of the Zagamilaw Internationa Law Firm through the classic method or the anglo-saxon one as highlighted above.

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