Top Legal 2018

Lo Studio Legale Internazionale Zagamilaw è emerso come finalista nella categoria Migliore Studio dell’Anno Sud alla XII edizione dei TopLegal Awards. Zagamilaw è stato selezionato tra l’altro: perché la dimostrazione di una gestione solida è comprovata dai quotidiani rapporti di lavoro con la Ambasciata Americana in Italia e con la American Chamber of Commerce di il titolare Avvocato Paolo Zagami è Presidente per la regione Calabria e con altre diverse Camere di Commercio italiane all’estero; per avere sviluppato ed implementato nel corso dell’ultimo anno la sua attività nell’ambito della realizzazione di Trust di diritto interno; per avere vinto in Corte di Cassazione la causa in favore della società di diritto statunitense “Fagor America Inc” avente ad oggetto un recupero internazionale di crediti per un importo pari a circa 800.000 dollari; e per la sua espansione internazionale con riferimento alla quale è stato siglato un protocollo di intesa per la apertura di un nuovo ufficio dello Studio a Singapore.

Corporate International Magazine

Zagamilaw is a fast growing and international business oriented law firm which offers assistance on all legal aspects of Italian residential and commercial real estate transaction and has been appointed between the Top 5 Italian Law firm for the Real Estate sector.

Geraldine Ashworth

I needed to deal with the sell of my house in Italy and I could not do it having moved to Singapore for work. So that I have engaged Zagamilaw in order to negotiate and finalize the sale and purchase agreement of my Villa in Italy. The main partner and all his associates were always very responsive and diligent as the deal was shortly conclude and I was daily updated on the progress. I would strongly recommend it for your real estate cases.

Melos International Spa

Competenza, professionalità ed empatia. L’Avvocato Zagami e tutti i suoi associati e collaboratori hanno assistito la nostra società per la realizzazione di accordi commerciali e ci hanno introdotto molte autorità e personalità: come si suol dire hanno fatto per noi “contratti e contatti”. In particolare l’Avvocato Zagami è molto stimato e rispettato specie negli ambienti diplomatici statunitensi ed è stato un vero piacere lavorare con lui.

James Wetherall - Pinnacle Trust

The International Law Firm Zagamilaw is one of our best part in Italy to manage assets owned by some clients of our Trust Company. The collaboration and the cooperation with Zagamilaw is making more simple our management that have great benefits from the work of the Zagamilaw’s team.

Silvia Greco

The International Law Firm Zagamilaw has assisted me in order to the inheritance of my uncle died in Toronto. I live in Italy and so all the procedure was very complicated and long since there were involved all the many legal implications connected to an international succession. It took more than 8 months and during that time Zagamilaw by its main partner and his of counsel in Canada managed everything very well and made possible for me to get in full my share of inheritance.

Michelle Vitale, Damiano Canali

Last October we have engaged Zagamilaw since I American citizen and my husband Italian citizen had the dream to move together in United States. That’s why by Zagamilaw we have applied for a Green Card – Immigrant Visa and in only 4 months we got it! Mr Zagami was very nice and helpful and he also personally came at the interview of my husband Damiano in Naples Consulate. Everything went perfect and our dream became reality. Thank you Paolo!

Mr David Cornell

Having recently purchased a property, I would like to recommend Zagamilaw, who dealt with the purchase, on my behalf. The founder Paolo provided sound and honest support and advice, from the time I met him in London through to the completion of the closing documentation, which was dealt with in Reggio Calabria. Valeria Bicchi also provided intelligent and valued advice and support, and also dealt with Power of Attorney on my behalf, together with further invaluable support and advice. This is a Firm comprising very competent and personable people, who have proved an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Mr. Paul Tweehuysen, Ms. Francesca Chiarini

We would like to commend “Zagamilaw” for its level of commitment and professionalism in dealing with our purchase of a property in Italy. Your knowledge of the legal processes in Italian Law and your interaction with us as clients was of the highest standard and we were very appreciative and impressed with your quality of service in the handling our property purchase from the initial contact and throughout the process. Your ability to communicate accurately in the English language was a huge benefit from our perspective as little was “lost” in translation which gave us reassurance by being able to understand and follow the progress of the purchase. Your availability and quick response to our issues and concerns we had along the way through what is a stressful process, gave us a huge amount of comfort and is highly commendable in your dealings and relationship with us as clients. So we would like to commend you and say “Grazie mille” for all your efforts and would gladly recommend your exemplary professional legal services and client relationship management to anyone else.

Mr. Gerard Edgar

I have instructed “Zagamilaw International Law Firm” to sort out the dealings with my business in Italy. All its professional have been attentive, dillgent and above all keeping me in the loop about everything, and not shy to show any written communication between them and the vendors representatives. I strongly believe they acted on my best interests and I am sure it will be clear in a few years how well it has transpired.

Mr. Thomas Costello

I, my wife and my partners were referred to you by a friend and were interested in an offshore company and offshore bank account to expand our business in Rome. I must confess that although the set up process looked easy I was prepared for a struggle but you were real helpful. Basically we wanted to protect our assets and I appreciate all your support and help with the process of setting up our offshore company entity structure. Mr. Zagami was there every step of the way to help me when I had any questions about the process. Thanks for helping us do it right and showing us how to do it legally and above board.

Mr. Paul, Ms. Joan Hughes

It is difficult purchasing property from outside the country and it is so important to feel that you have someone local whom you can trust and contact at all times.We met the founder of ZGML Attorney Paolo Zagami for the first time in November for the Deed of Sale and it was like meeting a long lost friend. For anyone who is disillussioned with the process of purchasing in Calabria and the poor service they are experiencing with their lawyers i strongly recommend that they contact Lawyer Zagami.

Ms. Angela Coult, Mr. Alex Doyle

We would like to thank you for coming to visit us and was very impressed that you would travel to us at Christmas time. We felt lost in all the little formal and substantive requirements necessary to make a valid will in order to our italian properties and bank accounts. Indeed we needed to draft our Italian handwritten wills and we have been totally satisfied by your legal assistance. Your knowledge of inheritance issues and help was outstanding and we would recommend you to anyone. Thank you once again.

Mr. Tony Ocone

Zagamilaw were recommended to us by individuals with similar claims to ours. I have found Zagamilaw to be thoroughly professional in their approach to our business. They continually update us with info we are looking for.

Mr. Brian Tatton, Mr. William Hurley

The main thing which we would like to advise is that we found Attorney Paolo Zagami, a very efficient lawyer in Reggio, who is young, bright, honest and competent. For a small amount initial retainer, he visited us in London and prepared new contracts for us. For a fair balance he obtained our fiscal codes, attended the all day completion, finalised the transaction and opened a bank account for us. Paolo also speaks excellent English. We would thoroughly recommend him and his law firm.

Colin Zammit

I would like to thank Attorney Paolo Zagami and his staff in handling my first time home buying experience at the Pantheon in Rome for the value of over one million euros. Him and his staff were very polite and very professional. He even took the time to explain to me page by page about some documents I received from the seller and responded on every email, call and text. The closing went smoothly and on point with all of the documents that had to be signed. Paolo made himself accessible. Thank you once again on doing a great job. I would highly recommend Zagamilaw International Law Firm.

Top Legal 2012

Lo Studio Legale Internazionale Zagamilaw è una nuova realtà composta interamente da under 40 che si sta rapidamente affermando nel settore legale italiano ed internazionale tanto da essere stato selezionato per la finale dei Top Legal Awards 2012 tra i primi sei Studi Legali per la categoria Miglior Studio Legale dell’anno del Sud Italia. A testimonianza di quanto sopra: “la dimostrazione di una gestione solida e la crescita finanziaria sostenibile” è comprovata dai quotidiani rapporti di lavoro che lo Studio ha con numerose Ambasciate e Camere di Commercio; “la visione strategica” è confermata dalla recente apertura di una nuova sede di rappresentanza a Londra e dalla creazione del website anche in lingua russa nell’ottica di conquistare anche l’emergente mercato russo; “l’innovazione nella cultura interna o nei servizi” è dimostrata dall’ampio uso di strumenti telematici di cui lo Studio si serve per comunicare con i suoi clienti stranieri; e “l’aumento dello share di mercato nelle principali aree di attività” è valutabile analizzando l’ampliamento del volume di transazioni immobiliari e commerciali che sono state curate nell’ultimo anno dallo Studio.

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