In 2021 "Zagamilaw" also formally became a service company with the name of "Zagamilaw Network Service S.r.l.s."

It operates as a simplified limited liability company registered in the Rome Business Register with tax code and VAT number 16247201003, REA number RM – 1644386 and activity code 829999 concerning business support services.

In particular, the activity of “Zagamilaw” is carried out in the exercise of the functions of trustee, co-trustee, protector, guardian and trustee and/or guardian of trusts established under the Hague Convention of 1 July 1985.

And also and among other things by way of example and not limited to in providing assistance to companies and / or individuals who require the management of their assets in a professional or non-professional form; in the provision of technical, accounting and organizational assistance; in consulting, studies and market prospecting for industrial, commercial and business development initiatives; and in network and public relations activities through the exclusive or collaborative organization of events, conferences and congresses in presence or via video conference.