"Zagamilaw" whether it acts as an International Law Firm or as a Service Management Company firmly believes in respecting the protection of the personal and economic data of its clients.

In almost fifteen years of activity “Zagamilaw” and/or its clients have never been the subject of any investigation by the Authorities because all our actions are always based on maximum transparency in compliance with the law to be coordinated precisely with the protection of the privacy of our customers. In short, confidentiality agreements are always respected in the belief that each client wants his position and his business not to be made public.

All this, however, having in mind the famous statement by John Pierpont Morgan who said “I do not want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do but rather I hire him to suggest me how to do what I want”. “Zagamilaw” is available to its clients to suggest how to do what they want in an absolutely legal, clear and transparent way within the perimeter established by the laws of Private International Law.