Real Estate

"Zagamilaw" offers juridical assistance on all the aspects regarding real estate transactions that have as objects residential and/or commercial units in the Italian and foreign territory.

Over many years, the “Zagamilaw International Firm” has successfully assisted numerous foreign clients including United States and British citizens who have purchased second homes in Italy in Tuscany, Puglia, Liguria, Abruzzo, Sardinia, Rome, Milan and in many other Italian regions and cities as well as several italian clients who have invested in residential and commercial real estate properties abroad with values ​​between 200.000 euro and 5.000.000 euro.

Our activity in the real estate sector still continues and is aimed to providing a complete service, assisting the clients from the beginning in the various steps that are necessary to finalize, for example, the purchase or sale of a real estat propertye, the traditional leasing and the rental short term operations.

More precisely “Zagamilaw” provides legal assistance in the context of a wide range of real estate transactions relating to the monitoring of the Italian foreign real estate market, the acquisition and disposal of property, the contractual management of negotiations and the completion of transactions, sometimes carrying out his activity also as a real estate consultant without however acting as an intermediary pursuant to article 1754 of the civil code.

Into the escrow bank account of the “Zagamilaw Network Service” safely transits sums and values that the clients of “Zagamilaw” entrust in escrow against detailed escrow agreements.

Within the context of the real estate activities and beyond, “Zagamilaw” also takes care of authenticating documents that will then have to be used in countries that adopt the Common Law system and in particular “sworn declarations” and/or “affidavits”.

  • Due Diligence service
  • Drafting of power of attorney
  • Drafting of escrow agreements and preliminary contracts
  • Assistance in purchasing and selling properties abroad, especially in Common Law Countries
  • Assistance in loan/financing practices both to foreign privates and companies in Italy and to Italian privates and companies abroad
  • Settlement of Trust