Trust Management

"Zagamilaw" usually assists foreign companies with tax headquarters in the Italian territory acting as their fiscal representative and trustee in the mainly ordinary but sometimes also extraordinary management of their assets.

The management activity by “ZagamiLaw” consists, for example, in the draftingof deeds – in the name and on behalf of the companies managed by us directly or indirectly – of transfer of properties in other foreign companies, of transfer of the registered office of companies to abroad or from Italy, of sales of equity investments with the intervention of foreign companies and in providing advice and opinions in general on any matter with international elements concerning the companies and the related taxes and duties.

In addition, the Firm is practical in the setting uo and administration of “escrow bank accounts” – that is to say trust current accounts – with the purpose of guaranteeing or to provide for the payment of various ordinary and extraordinary expenses and taxes, being the main partner Attorney Paolo Zagami one of the top experts in Italy of “escrow” with many scientific studies published on the subject.

All the money of third-party clients entrusted to “Zagamilaw” in trust management pass safely on the trust bank account held by the company “Zagamilaw Network Service”.

  • Asset Management relative to assets of any size
  • Financial Planning with reference to investment plans in money and real estate units
  • Trust Administration of properties owned in Italy and abroad
  • Ordinary Administration of money and real estate units
  • Corporate Retirement Plans regarding funds and pension plans
  • Escrow Service wih reference of mangament of business bank account in the position of escrow holder