Rome - Piazza di Spagna

“Zagamilaw” is a well-known and consolidated International institution based in Italy and abroad from fifteen years.

It is essentially an International Law Firm with offices in Rome that deals with legal cases and issues under the International law. In particular, it is focused on the extrajudicial activity and more specifically on International real estate, transnational hereditary successions and trust administration of foreign entities, with reference to which it is among the leading International Law Firms throughout all Italy.

The Law Firm itself has managed and usually manages important legal cases concerning companies business contracts, acquisition, cross-border mergers and internal trust from its main operating base in the capital of Italy.

It is also an active management and services Company with the name of “Zagamilaw Network Service S.r.l.s.” which operates as trustee and fiduciary in compliance with the law and in collaboration with several other law firms and companies operating in privileged tax jurisdictions with offices in the United States (New York, Florida, Connecticut), London, Singapore, Malta, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Jersey.

“ZagamiLaw” has handled over 800 practices and cases and has assisted and assists famous private clients and relevant foreign companies but is also dedicated to small but equally important issues. Also Embassies, Consulates, Chambers of Commerce and Diplomatic representations directly or indirectly usually engage “Zagamilaw” for the protection of their citizens and associates.

It is accredited by the United States Embassy of Rome, registered at the Italian Consulate of New York and regulated at the Solicitors Regulation Authority in London.

Awards and Prizes

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