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The "Zagamilaw International Firm" was founded in 2008 by the Attorney Paolo Zagami and quickly established itself as a firm strongly oriented towards International relationships with particular attention to United States and Great Britain.


In 2010 and then again in 2011 it was named among the TOP 5 International Law Firms at the “Corporate International Legal Awards”, won the award as “Real Estate Law Firm of the Year in Italy” and – after its first offices in Rome in the district Flaminio and in Reggio Calabria fifty meters far from the Piazza del Duomo – settled in Via Cola di Rienzo in a prestigious historic building in the capital of Italy.


In 2012 “Zagamilaw” was then selected for the prestigious Top Legal Awards 2012 between the TOP 5 Law Offices with headquarters (also) in South Italy in the category “Best Firm of the Year of Southern Italy” with this winning the prize as first International Law Firm of a certain size operating (also) in Calabria. Meanwhile “Zagamilaw” opened its offices in New York in the Midtown Manhattan area just two hundred meters far from the extraordinary Fifth Avenue thanks to the partnership with the International Law Firm “Gleason & Koatz”; in London in Finchley Road thanks to the partnership with the International Law Firm “Notable Services”; and in Toronto thanks to the partnership with the International Law Firm “Hackett-Simpson-Tripodi”.


In 2013 after being accredited at the United Stated Embassy and at the British Embassy in Italy in the Consular District of Rome, then “Zagamilaw” was also registered with the Solicitor Regulation Authority and the British Law Society with the number 598033 and, moreover, accredited at the Italian Consulate in New York being formally at that time the only italian law firm trustee of both the American Embassy of Rome and the Italian Consulate of New York.


In 2015 it is also associated as a Corporate Member with the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy for which the lawyer Zagami is its representative and Delegate for the Calabria Region. Meanwhile the “ZagamiLaw International Law Firm” for the work of its owner and of thirty-forty partners and collaborators who succeeded over time also created “REAL – Real Estate Attorneys at Law” (a professional network among all the legal professionals which deal with Real Estate in the world and in particular in the United States and in Italy) and the “CESDI – Study Center for Private International Law”, a legal observatory on the issues concerning legal relationships between subjects belonging to different jurisdictions.


In 2017 “Zagamilaw” celebrated the management of 600 clients, practices and cases of Private International Law regularly documented and archived starting from the first (the british citizen Gerard Edgar who was assisted for the purchase of a property in Italy as a second home). And in order to better accommodate the ever increasing number of customers it doubled in Rome moving from the historic office of Via Cola di Rienzo and expanded into the wonderful location of Via Crescenzio with a splendid view of the Vatican and in the largest and most comfortable “Vatican Museums” office.


In 2018 on the occasion of its 10 years of activity “Zagamilaw” is again selected for the “Top Legal Awards” between the best Italian Law Firms with office also in South Italy and decides to restructure itself replacing the office in Toronto with a sharing office in Connecticut by virtue of the partnership with the “Studio Legale Agnoloni” and with a sharing office in Florida. Also and above all ZagamiLaw opens a representative office in Singapore, thereby confirming its International vocation and constituting an important gateway to the whole Asia.


In 2020 “Zagamilaw” opens its main office in Piazza di Spagna in front of the Spanish Steps and so in the heart of Rome and of the entire Italy. And it is – as recognized by important national and International newspapers – among the first law firms throughout all Italy to face the health and economic emergency resulting from the spread of Covid-19, in particular by creating a special task force operating all day for all days of the week, assisting its clients in invoking the force majeure principle to justify the impossibility of fulfilling their obligations and proposing concrete solutions for the rapid economic recovery of the activities.


At the beginning of 2022, the spread of the “Covid” shows no signs of decreasing and requires the review of all work models by favoring the smart working. “Zagamilaw” adapts to the new situation in particular by proceeding with the verification of the identification of its customers with the use of new IT tools. At the same time, the “Brexit” also determines a new approach to the British market and the war between Russia and Ukraine which lasts until 2023 upsets the entire economic market. In other words, what would have been the future immediately becomes the present and “Zagamilaw” also formally becomes a service company that takes the name of “Zagamilaw Network Service S.r.l.s”.