"Zagamilaw" has its main offices in Rome but it is active throughout Italy and around all the world.

ROME – Piazza di Spagna

Via di Propaganda, 27 – 00187

ZagamiLaw Roma
ROME – Vatican Museums

Via Crescenzio 86, 00193

ZagamiLaw Roma

In particular, in Rome “Zagamilaw” is located on the corner with the side of Piazza di Spagna in front of the Column of the Immaculate Conception and a few steps far from the Vatican Museums with a splendid view of the Cupolone. The “Zagamilaw International Law Firm” and the “Zagamilaw Network Service Srls” abroad are also represented and work in collaboration with several other law firms and companies operating in privileged tax jurisdictions with offices in the United States (New York, Florida, Connecticut), London, Singapore, Malta, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Jersey.