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"Zagamilaw" is part of many networks and in particular in Italy works in partnership with the law office “Rombolà & Italian Web Lawyers” with which it shares some associates, collaborators, correspondent lawyers and Of counsel.

The lawyer Paolo Zagami is a famous international professional and economic and legal analyst who has gained considerable experience in particular in the sector of the “Common Law” and, among other things, is Professor of Commercial Law and Fiscal Law at the University “Mediterranea”, teacher at the “Luiss Business School” and in many Legal English courses, representative of the American Chamber of Commerce and usually speaker in Conferences of International Law in Italy, in the United States and all over the world.

“Zagamilaw” offers assistance, advice and domiciliation to foreigners private clients, companies, business entities and other law firms who have interest in International Law in Italy concerning legal practices about Real Estate, Commercial Law, Inheritance Law and many others sectors of Italian Civil Law. On the other hand, the Firm assists italian private clients, companies, business entities and other law firms who need to be represented or wish to invest abroad in the areas of “Zagamilaw” practices in english, epanish and russian speaking countries directly or through the formal intermediation of its correspondent lawyers.

In particular we have decided to dedicate ourselves to specific core practices and it is a choice that we do not intend to change. In all non-core areas or areas involving foreign jurisdictions we rely on panels of international law firms and professionals who operate as our Of Counsel, excelling in their respective sectors and whose consistency we independently verify with our way of working.

The key words of “Zagamilaw” are internazionalitation, governance and selection and through a specific approach the Law Firm offers its customers a highly qualified and specialized service thanks to a great team of partners, associates, of counsel and collaborators who also and especially operate in smart working mode from before the “Covid-19” emergency.