International Inheritances

"Zagamilaw" advises on all the legal and fiscal issues arising under Italian law relating to the grave and momentous event of death.

In the various “common law” systems the inheritance succession is regulated in a very different way compared to the procedures provided in Italy. Over the years the “Zagamilaw International Firm” has managed many cases relating to hereditary assets of subjects who died abroad that had appointed Italian citizens as their heirs of assets worth even several million euros and in particular international inheritance and “Estates” which opened for example in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, if you are the heir of an inheritance located abroad “Zagamilaw” will be able to reconstruct a complete picture of the deceased’s assets, to draw up the declaration of succession for tax purposes in relation to the payment of any inheritance tax that may be applicable, to coordinate the italian succession with the eventual other “Estates” located abroad and especially to make you concretely collect and enjoy all the inheritance assets.

More in general our Firm provides advice on all legal and tax issues under Italian and foreign law relating to the serious and important event of a person’s death, providing assistance on any practice of inheritance law and is also able to advise its own clients in the drafting of a will informing them in order to recognize the most difficult risks which can invalidate the will and of the legal consequences relating to the complex Italian and foreign inheritance law.

  • Consultancy on International Inheritance Law matters in accordance with Italian Law n. 218/1995
  • Inheritance fiscal declarations for foreign clients in Italy
  • International Wills in accordance with Italian Law n. 387/1990
  • Inheritance and taxation planning
  • Renovation of domestic heritages and inheritance trusts
  • Inheritance divisions between parties from different system countries