"Zagamilaw" advise its clients in matters of Italian taxation related especially to real estate, commercial law and inheritance.

More precisely, the Firm offers advice on all tax matters to be defined with the Italian office of the “Agenzia delle Entrate” and with other foreign offices such as the US office of the “Internal Revenue Service”. In this regard, with reference to Italy, “Zagamilaw” is practical in all matters relating to tax benefits relating to “first home” purchases as well as in problems concerning the payment of VAT and taxes related to the ownership and enjoyment of properties such as the so called IMU.

Given the complexity and continuous evolution of the Italian and foreign tax system, “Zagamilaw” acts in this regard with the help of specialists operating in this sector. In addition, the Firm assists its Italian customers (individuals and companies) who wish to invest abroad with the aim of taking advantage of a tax regime that is easier than the Italian one through the formal and substantial means of their foreign partners.

Our clients are regularly and legally assisted to open bank accounts and set up companies in tax-privileged jurisdictions in the United States, London, Singapore, Malta, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Jersey in full compliance with the laws of private international law and with the specification that each bank account abroad must be declared in the RW framework of the Italian tax return.

  • Consultancy and assistance in opening bank accounts abroad
  • Set-up of bank account abroad
  • Taxation of business earnings in the USA and outside Italy
  • Assistance for Italian tax benefits for first time buyers of a home
  • International Fiscal Planning
  • Assistance in fiscal planning of mergers and acquisition, joint venture and company renovation operations