Immigration Law

"Zagamilaw" assists its foreign clients to achieve a visa for Italy to work or to study through out the entertainment of close international institutional relationships with the appropriate diplomatic organisms and through a detailed collection of necessary documents for the performing of the practice.

On the other side, in the case of Italian citizens who intend to get a visa for a foreign country ( in particular Canada, United States of America and United Kingdom), “Zagamilaw” offers its consultancy and the necessary support in the difficult and complex procedure of immigration. In general, to achieve a visa, for example in the United States, a foreign citizen has to be “presented” by a citizen and resident of the United States and it is necessary to consider that many categories of people are subject to limitations of chances to have a visa.

Our law firm in both cases (foreign citizen who needs a visa for Italy and Italian citizen who needs a foreign visa) performs his activity supposing that the client has the necessary legal requirements to apply for a visa.

  • Support in achieving Visa and Green Card
  • Assistance in obtaining citizenship
  • EC president permit for long period
  • Administrative appeal regarding Visa missing obtaining
  • Appeal against the expulsion order
  • Civil action against discriminatory acts